Asymmetrical Neighbours: Minor Players and Empires in the Early Modern and Modern Borderlands

The SMALLST project, in collaboration with the Islamic Studies Institute of the Heidelberg University and the Warsaw Centre for Global History of the University of Warsaw, organized a workshop in Heidelberg.

Forms of Early Modern Diplomacy

The 12/2 (2023) issue of the Hungarian Historical Review focusing on forms of Early Modern diplomacy featured papers from two members of our project.

Call for papers // Bucharest, 2024

We invite scholars of the Early Modern period to our second international conference, to join us in our discussion on the informal channels of diplomacy

Navigating the Society of Princes

The first international conference organised by our project was held in Budapest on the 30–31st of May 2023. Titled Navigating the Society of Princes: The Strategies of Early Modern Small States in Their Foreign Policy, the event welcomed researchers from a wide range of countries, presenting papers on a variety of topics.

Splendid Encounters

The first occasion when most of our project could show themselves as a group was provided by the eleventh event of the conference series Splendid Encounters organised by Premodern Diplomats Network.

The Princes of Transylvania in the Thirty Years War

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Princes of Transylvania in the Thirty Years War, edited by our Principal Investigator, Gábor Kármán.