Members of the SMALLST project participated in the 25th annual conference of CIEPO in Tirana between 21 and 25 June 2024.

The panel of the SMALLST project was chaired by Natalia Królikowska-Jedlińska who shortly introduced the main lines and activities of our research. Zsuzsanna Hámori Nagy presented how Ottoman diplomacy tried to use its tributary the Principality of Transylvania as an asset to influence Polish succession before and during the years of interregnum in the early 1570s. Vedran Stojanović talked about the mission of two Ragusan diplomats, Giacomo Palmetta and Nicola Bona, while trying to gain Ottoman support in a moment of crisis after the 1667 earthquake that devastated their city. Ágnes Szalai drew a comprehensive overview of Transylvanian post-bringing messengers in the second half of the 17th century. Natalia Królikowska-Jedlińska outlined her research based on new sources concerning the role of Abdi Pasha of Hotin in the Crimean-Polish relations between 1712 and 1714.